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According to the announcement of the release of marijuana and hemp, they contain no more than 0.2% THC from the list of category five narcotics, according to the Ministry of Public Health announcement on June 9, 2022, for medical use. Self-care and economic and industrial benefits Make it possible to grow such plants in both households and commercially. And misuse for legal purposes such as recreational use, production of goods, cooking and beverages. Today, there is widespread news about the effects of cannabis and hemp on users. Employers need to be aware of such issues because employees may use marijuana and hemp. This may result in accidents at work. And causing employers to provide medical care, including other expenses, to pay for treatment.

 Let’s Get to Know Cannabis and Hemp.  

Cannabis (Marijuana) and hemp (Hemp) originate from the same plant. But there are differences in the shape and chemicals in each species. Both plants contain cannabinoids. The cannabinoid is the main active ingredient, Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD shop). It has been found that cannabis contains more THC than CBD, especially in the leaves and inflorescences. Whereas in hemp, CBD is found to be more abundant than in marijuana.

THC in cannabis is classified as a psychoactive drug. Psychedelic, relax, make sleepy, fall asleep quickly, stimulate appetite, anti-pain, anti-vomiting and muscle relaxant. But it can be addictive. And if used in excess can cause heart palpitations, blackouts, or hallucinations. Including apparent symptoms such as excitement and chatter, I was always laughing. CBD is found in hemp leaves, which has the opposite action of THC. CBD is not classified as a drug. And does not affect the nervous system. CBD shop is used to relieve seizures. And stress relief Does not cause stubbornness or addiction. Hemp can be used for various purposes, such as as a medicinal product, medicine and food, as well as having economic benefits because it provides high-quality fibers and is directly beneficial to the textile and paper industry.

Symptoms and Effects of THC

THC Is Found in Both Cannabis and Hemp. Exposure to This Substance into The Body in Large Quantities. It May Affect the Body with The Following Symptoms:

  • Mental condition and behavior There will be abnormalities in perception, memory loss, and disorders of the relationship in the work of the muscles. This will be dangerous for people who drive and work with machinery.
  • Respiratory system If marijuana is consumed by smoking Will cause exposure to tar (Tar) in the lungs and cause respiratory complications such as strep throat, rhinitis, bronchitis, etc., and such substances are hydrocarbon substances. Which contains benzo(a)pyrene), which causes cancer Studies have shown that marijuana is up to 30 per cent more than cigarettes, or about five times more.
  • The cardiovascular system was found to increase heart rate, chest pain, narrowing of the line and, resulting in lower than average blood pressure in some.
  • In terms of sex hormones and reproductive systems, it May result in erectile dysfunction and Affects the production of hormones that regulate ovulation. Or causing sperm to be abnormally shaped, Harmful to the unborn baby, crippled, and have a high mortality rate at birth.
  • Immune system It was found that the body’s resistance to disease decreased. White blood cells decreased, and there is a risk of dying from cancer quickly.

CBD shop will inform you all of these.

  Safety Measures That Employers Should Take  

  • Employers must establish and review policies on the use of marijuana in their workplace. And communicate to employees at all levels.
  • prohibition announcement or selling products containing THC as an ingredient within the establishment
  • Users of or exposed to THC should refrain from operating vehicles, forklifts, and freight vehicles. And they are working on machinery for at least 6 hours.
  • Executives, supervisors and all employees, including contractors and foreign workers in the workplace, must participate in the surveillance, surveillance and reporting of sightings of the use, abuse or distribution of cannabis-containing products. To prevent dangers that may occur in work.
  • Children, youth, people under 25 years old, and pregnant and breastfeeding women Do not eat cannabis-containing foods.
  • Employers are required to review the safety management system annually. To assess the risks, keep statistics on the dangers caused by cannabis use. to determine further preventive measures.

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