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Is Distance Learning Better Than Classroom Learning?

Despite the perceived differences in classroom environment and student engagement, some students report surprising success in remote learning. For example, students who find classroom interaction distracting and social challenges, often shy away from asking questions. In remote learning, students can converse with their teachers in private, or even enter a digital “breakout room” to ask questions privately. The teacher can also record lectures to help students who have trouble understanding a lesson.

Another significant advantage of online learning is that it is convenient. Students can take courses and complete assignments anytime they want without worrying about other students’ schedules and opinions. Online courses also offer flexibility for working professionals who need to manage work and family responsibilities. Students can work around their busy schedules while taking courses and can even save time by not having to commute to classes. In addition, they can share their learning experiences via social networks.

While the physical classroom setting is conducive to learning, it also limits the amount of interaction students and teachers can have. The teacher and student must be able to connect in a way that promotes interaction and learning. In-person teaching is the traditional method, but some students find it intimidating and find it difficult to communicate with their peers. This makes the learning environment less personalized, and distance learning can lead to poor student engagement.


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