Pros and Cons of THC and CBD

Over the past few decades, most cannabis strains have been bred to have high THC levels, and as a result, the number of other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, such as CBD, has led many to believe. Terpene plays a vital role in distinguishing the effects of different cannabis strains.

Such as THC and CBD are produced in cannabis resin glands called trichomes. Trichrome is found on all parts of the cannabis skin. But found to be the densest in the female inflorescences that have not yet bred. In medicine, it is essential to harvest. Female cannabis inflorescences to obtain a large number of important substances in the production of modern medicine. If you buy CBD products from an illegal shop, it will be a danger for you because some shops provide identical CBD products that are harmful to the body. So collect your CBD products from CBD shop Schweiz.

And in addition, THC is known for being used for relaxation. Promote healthy sleep, but this substance still has medical benefits. For the health of users as well. This will help relieve symptoms such as

– Relieve side effects of chemo and cancer treatment – Relieve allergy symptoms

– arteriosclerosis – Relieve symptoms of HIV/AIDS

– Relieves chronic pain – Relieves infection or inflammation

– Helps to strengthen the digestive system, etc.

But in the medical community, CBD is this substance as the most interesting. It has been found that there are many health benefits, such as

– Relieve chronic pain from cancer – Relieve epilepsy symptoms

– Relieve symptoms of ALS or muscle weakness – Relieve Parkinson’s (tremor) symptoms

– Reduce acne and dry skin problems – Relieves depression

– Relieve diabetes symptoms – Relieves various psychiatric symptoms

– Relieve symptoms of redness from other drugs – Relieve and prevent heart disease, etc.

You can buy heart disease CBD medicine online from CBD shop Schweiz.

Pros and Cons of THC and CBD

THC advantages

  1. THC is known for being used for relaxation. Promote healthy sleep
  2. If enough THC is enough, it will help the food taste better.

CBD advantages

  1. The World Health Organization has concluded that CBD can be used in large quantities with almost no side effects.
  2. No risk of psychoactive effects
  3. is safe
  4. Tasteless and odorless
  5. CBD helps combat the anxiety caused by THC.

Disadvantages of THC

  1. It may trigger schizophrenia symptoms, especially for those with risk factors such as those with psychotic problems in the family. Or genetics Patients are suffering from drugs and alcohol, etc.
  2. If used for a long time, It slows brain activity and stops the brain from making feel-good chemicals. And makes you feel easily irritated when you don’t use it.
  3. It affects the negative development of the brain that is not yet fully grown. Therefore, cannabis directly affects brain development.
  4. The side effects of apparent Symptoms include dry mouth, thirst, rapid heartbeat, slow reflexes, red eyes, or decreased memory. This is the result of getting too much THC.

Disadvantages of CBD

  1. It does not provide the added benefit of all cannabis plants.
  2. pregnant women should not use CBD. those who are breastfeeding and psychiatric patients.

The product can put this substance in what quantity is legal.

The Ministry of Public Health has issued an announcement. Except for extracts from hemp and cannabis plants, not a category five opiate, i.e., pure cannabidiol (CBD) and products containing CBD as the main ingredient. And tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic substance of less than 0.2% (pure CBD and no more than 0.2% THC), is required. To use these extracts in producing industries such as food, cosmetics, herbal products, and medicines. CBD shop Schweiz obeys all of these levels.

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