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In the early 2000s, sci-fi films began to boom. The Matrix trilogy and the acclaimed Andrei Tarkovsky films Solaris and Stalker helped to revive the genre. The theme of paranoia, alienation, and the power of a good story was prevalent in science fiction films during this time period. These movies, and many more to come, continue to appeal to audiences. The genre also had a strong presence in the world of political commentary, as evidenced by Minority Report, Sunshine, District 9, Children of Men, and Pandorum.

In addition to dystopian novels, science fiction movies often take a more positive view of the future. The concept of solarpunk fiction is a growing trend in science fiction, as it offers a “sunny” future. One example of solarpunk fiction is Steven Universe, a popular animated series that incorporates science fiction themes with social justice and diversity. Likewise, popular franchises like Castlevania and Voltron have explored similar themes in their stories.

Science fiction films are also a source of inspiration for future technologies. The invention of the personal computer in Minority Report was an inspiration for today’s smartphones, while the Personal Access Display Device in Star Trek inspired the development of modern tablets and smartphones. Gesture recognition in Minority Report has since made its way into game consoles. As of today, human-level artificial intelligence is quickly approaching with smartphone A.I., while stealth technology aims for a working cloaking device. Eventually, quantum computers will be a reality as well.

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