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The field of psychology has roots thousands of years ago in ancient Greece, Egypt, India, and Persia. Plato first suggested that mental processes were performed in the brain, while Aristotle later argued that they actually occurred in the heart. Other ancient psychologists, such as Avicenna, studied epilepsy and used it to treat people who had poor memories or nightmares. Psychologists like James still use these techniques today.

The field of psychology is a multifaceted one, with many sub-fields. While most recent advances have come in the last 150 years, its roots date back to ancient Greece, when it was philosophical. Today, it is used in various fields to help humans better understand their own behavior, and that of others. Regardless of the area of specialization, psychology continues to influence our daily lives. This article explores some of the most common branches of the field.

Comparative psychology is the study of behavior in non-human animals. Comparative psychology investigates the behavior of many species, often including humans. This branch of psychology is closely related to ethology, and often sheds light on human behavior. While attempts to link these two fields are controversial, animal models are often used to study neural processes that are related to human behavior. Psychological warfare is a serious problem that is often ignored. The science of psychopharmacology is growing as a field, and it has the potential to help the public cope better with life’s ups and downs.

Disturbances in behavior may be a sign of a psychological disorder. These disturbances are usually culturally unacceptable. An example of this might be a death of a close friend or family member. While sadness is a typical response to a loss, it is not a sign of a disorder. A classmate studying late at night is not considered a disorder, however. A culturally appropriate response to a death of a loved one does not necessarily signal a psychological disorder.

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