This Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Pillow is the Perfect Gift for Anyone in the Family 

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to know how to buy the people closest to you a gift that will mean a lot and have a big impact on them. There’s always the tried and true method of just gifting people cash and allowing them to do the work of purchasing something that matters to them, but it’s a special feeling when you can accomplish this. Getting that gift that strikes a balance of being an item that the person wants, and one that the person can use and find value in is tough sometimes.

That’s why the Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow headrest is a gift that can save the day when it comes to buying a gift for anyone in your family. Here is everything you need to know about how this bathtub pillow can make an awesome gift for everyone from mom and dad, all the way to your siblings or even grandparents!

What is a Bathtub Pillow?

If you have never heard of a bathtub pillow, you may be a little confused as to exactly what it is. Is this something like a bed pillow you just throw in the water and it gets all soggy? Is it a flotation device? How does it work?

All of these are great questions. One of the best ways to understand what a bathtub pillow is is to understand what it does and how it works. The Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow primarily works as a headrest for you to relax and lay against. Often times when you are in a bathtub, you have the ability to lean back against the walls of the tub and relax, but there is little to no support for your upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. Depending on the size of the tub and how tall you are, maybe you can angle yourself to where your neck rests against the edge of the tub.

Often times this can be comfortable, but it can cause issues like soreness because the tub itself is very hard. Or maybe it forces you to sit in a weird position that very quickly becomes uncomfortable. Another problem with this is that if you can lean back, it’s easy to get to relax and slip down into the water too far! A tub pillow is meant to help support your entire body in a relaxed, reclined, and healthy position.

It does this through an ergonomic design that is intended to support your head properly. This allows you to fully sit back in the tub and really unwind after a long day. The pillow has a specific design that is meant to fit almost any bathtub and utilizes powerful suction cups to stay firmly fixed in place.

The material that Everlasting Comfort uses for their bathtub pillow is premium memory foam. Along with a breathable mesh casing, this makes the pillow perfect for not getting instantly waterlogged and heavy. This kind of pillow is intended to be in contact with water, so it maintains its shape and comfort despite being wet. Another useful feature of this incredible bathtub pillow is that it has deep side pockets that can be sued to store things like soaps, shampoos, or conditioners.

Why Does it Make Such a Good Gift?

So why does this pillow make such a great gift and why will your family love it so much? This reason doesn’t come down to its superior design, or its incredible function, but instead is all about how it can improve self-care. A self-care routine is deeply important for helping people when they feel stressed, anxious, or overly burdened. The truth is, life can get tough, and sometimes it can feel like you just need to take some time to rest.

This is where self-care can become a powerful tool to help you maintain and even improve things like your emotional, mental, and even physical health. The importance of knowing how your body works and how it relaxes and gets refreshed can not be overestimated.

While each person will have a unique way they practice self-care, taking a bath is a common way for people to deal with hard weeks, and just destress and enjoy ‘me’ time. This incredible pillow allows an already powerful method of self-care to become even better and more effective.

Not only that, but this particular pillow is designed to not only give an exceptional bathtub experience, but it’s incredibly easy to practice good maintenance on. That’s because it is machine wash safe, and can be easily thrown in the laundry after every use.


This year, don’t stress out about what kind of perfect gift to get the people you love. The Everlasting Comfort bathtub pillow is an awesome way to give someone you love something thoughtful that they can use and get a lot of great benefit from!

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